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If you are brand new to blogging or even just a little familiar with blogs, then you know how difficult it can be to make even a little money with your blog.

By the time you have read the manuals and watched the free WordPress videos with the hope to figure out exactly how to set-up and manage a profitable blog, others - possibly your competitors, have made hundreds of dollars and have moved way ahead of you in learning the newest tips & tricks

You'll end up playing a cruel game of catch-up with these fast-moving entrepreneurs. The more money they generate, the more they can put toward improving their own skills, and the further behind you get.

You need to take the bull by the horns and even up the playing field...

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If you insist on learning WordPress and blogging the hard way - by searching for free videos, eBooks and tips - you will continue down the same path you are on now.

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Obviously you are wanting to increase your knowledge of blogging - whether you are just starting out or simply wanting to take your current blogging experience to the next level.

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I have been using WordPress for several years. Like a lot of things, there are basic fundamentals and there are areas in which shortcuts can be applied.

I have created more than 30 easy to follow (and some say entertaining) video tutorials. These video tutorials will show you step-by-step all the basics as well as the shortcuts. These videos are exactly what you are looking for in order to catch up AND PASS  YOUR BLOGGING COMPETITION.

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All these Big Money Blogging Video tutorials were created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you'll never feel like you're listening to a bunch of geek speak.

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